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Tame Me Bundle

Carrie J Hair Care

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Tame Me Bundle
Tame Me Bundle

Tame Me Detangler

Easily tame and detangle your hair without overworking and damaging your hair. Our Tame Me Detangler is suitable for curly, wavy, kinky, and even straight hair. The needles are round and the bristle is separate, which makes removing knots and combing hair easier without damaging the scalp. Our detangler is waterproof and easy to clean. The Tame Me Detangler also comes with a detachable bracket for stretching the bristle to different heights according to the hair condition. Other features include:




-Firm grip

-Kid friendly

-Elasticity to effectively massage the scalp

-Available in 4 different colors


Tame Me 360 Spray Bottle

Tame your hair in style with our Tame Me 360 Spray Bottle! Our spray bottle is made to be used on all hair types! Its ultra-fine mist spray pattern distributes water evenly and does not oversaturate the hair. It has a 360-spraying option in which you can use the bottle upside down without it leaking. Lastly, it is airless and keeps spraying until the water is gone. Our spray bottle is also great for refreshing hair, moisturizing face, misting plants.




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