How to Keep Your Hair Healthy When Life Gets Busy

Janet Gilbert

Have you ever felt like you were just too busy to care for your hair? Maybe you are overwhelmed with parenting duties. How about being a full-time entrepreneur? Don't even get me started on working 40 plus hours at your job while trying to figure out how you will fit in a wash day. And for some of us, we are taking on all of the above. Struggling with damaged hair can be frustrating. So, here are some ways you can keep your hair healthy when life gets busy:

1. Create a hair regimen. A hair regimen is a simple schedule for maintaining your hair. It should include when your wash day will occur, when you will co-wash, and your daily hair routine. Moisturizing, deep conditioning, detangling, trimming (when needed), and cleansing should all be a part of your hair regimen. Ultimately, this allows you to set a schedule. Just stay consistent with your hair regimen. 

2. Get enough sleep. Lack of sleep will obviously mean you are more tired. And who wants to deal with hair when they are sleep deprived? So make sure you have enough energy to not just take care of your hair, but also the overall health of your body. 

3. Protective Styling. If you know your schedule is jam packed, protective styling can definitely be a quick solution for your hair troubles. A protective style gives you a break from your hair while protecting your hair. Examples of protective styles include braids, twists, rod sets, and sew-ins (with no leave out). 

4. Find a good hair stylist. Paying someone to keep your hair healthy is better than neglecting it if we are being honest. Search for someone who will cater to the needs of your hair and schedule bi-weekly or monthly appointments. 

Remember that investing in your hair not only means spending money on good products, but it also means investing time. 

Now what are some things you do to maintain healthy hair with a busy schedule? Share your tips in the comment section below!




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