Our Story

Before launching my business, I was a hair blogger. I did hair tutorials and offered hair tips for textured hair. While blogging, I found an extreme interest in ingredients that were being put into hair care products. I realized that a lot of brands used harmful ingredients. I also struggled to find products that worked on my daughters 4C hair. So, I started researching ingredients and experimenting right in my kitchen. To my surprise, I created products that actually worked. I started distributing them to family and they loved them too. I was then able to turn a hobby into a business. Carrie J Hair Care was born in 2015, named after my late grandmother Carrie Jeanette. I wanted to name my business after my grandmother to honor her legacy. She was always a giver and would help anyone, no matter who they were. I use my platform to educate and empower, just as my grandmother did. Carrie J Hair Care launched in 2018. I am proud to be able to create a safer alternative to beauty products while educating and empowering others. 


Our number 1 priority is customer satisfaction. So feel free to contact us at anytime:

"....because healthy hair matters"