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About Our Founder

Carrie J Hair Care was founded by Janet Gilbert in 2015. Janet is a resident of Dothan, Alabama, mother of 4, graduate of Alabama State University, educator, and member of Rhema Rock Church. Janet started off as a natural hair blogger. While doing product reviews, she found an exceptional interest in some of the ingredients that were listed on the product labels. During the same time, she struggled to find products that worked on her daughter's kinky hair. This triggered her to start experimenting with different hair formulas. She then started to formulate products in her own kitchen. Janet would distribute samples to family, and received very positive feedback. After much research and prayer, she decided to turn her hobby into something more. The mission is to promote healthy hair through quality products, bring awareness about haircare, and demonstrate how to properly maintain healthy hair. The motivation behind Carrie J Hair Care came from two places. One was the need for hair products that actually worked on her daughter's extremely kinky hair. She wanted to create products with clean and toxic-free ingredients. Janet's second motivation came from her late grandmother who she decided to name her brand after. Carrie Jeanatte is her name and she was all about giving back and creating opportunities for others. Janet strives to keep her legacy alive through her brand. 


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