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Benefits of Protective Styling

Janet Gilbert

If you have been following us on social media, then you know how much we stress the importance of protective styling. Protective styling can be very beneficial to your hair. It simply protects your hair from manipulation. Textured hair is already prone to breakage, so protective styling prevents hair from damage. 

Now, I know you are wondering what styles are considered protective styles. Protective styles can include braids, twists, buns, locs, wigs, bantu knots, crochets, and any other styles that do not require much maintenance. Keep in mind that you must still care for your hair while protective styling. 

For example, if you are wearing box braids, we recommend using an oil to keep your scalp free from itchiness and irritation. Massaging your scalp with an oil also circulates blood flow, which increases hair growth. Our Restorative Hair Oil is great for scalp massages. 

You should also keep your hair and scalp clean when wearing protective styles. If you are wearing a style for longer than 2 weeks, you should wash your hair weekly. Remember to stay away from protective styles that require too much tension on the scalp and to take the style down within the appropriate time frame. Leaving styles in for too long can cause damage itself. 

Overall, protective styles are very convenient. If you are on vacation, work out a lot, or have a busy schedule then protective styling can help accommodate you while protecting your natural hair. Let us know in the comments what your favorite protective styles are! 

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  • Thanks for recommending to massage oil on your scalp if you’re wearing box braids so you can keep it free from itchiness and irritation. My friend plans to book an appointment with a braiding salon so she can get box braids this weekend. I’ll have to tell her about using oil once she’s done with her appointment.

    Anna Collins

  • Great post! I love wearing protective styles. I have definitely seen so many benefits from them.


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