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Ways to Save Your Silk Press

Janet Gilbert

One thing is for sure, wearing straight hair while being 100% natural can be challenging. Most people have come to the conclusion that a silk press will not last if you are natural. But that is not true. With proper application and maintenance, straight hair can absolutely last. Here are a few ways to save that beautiful silk press:

1. First you need to make sure you book a stylist who is knowledgable about natural hair. A great stylist will be able to use proper tools and products which will make your hair easier to maintain. 

2. Do not get a silk press during months of extreme humidity. This includes Summer. If you choose to get a silk press during the Summer months, be sure to apply products that specifically target frizz.

3. Use flexi-rods. Instead of reapplying heat everyday, apply a lightweight oil and use flexi-rods. If you workout, flexi-rods are also great to use during workouts. They stretch your hair and retains body/bounce. If you do not want to sleep in flexi-rods, wrap your hair before bed. 

4. Stay away from water-based products. Water obviously will turn your hair back curly. All you need is a light-weight oil, as mentioned above. 

5. Sleep in satin. Satin does not pull on your hair like cotton. Cotton causes dryness and for your hair to be brittle. 

6. Do not use a shower cap in the shower. Instead, use a scarf and a bonnet. A shower cap produces moisture which will cause your hair to curl back up. You only need a lightweight scarf with a bonnet during a shower. 

As always, we encourage healthy hair care practices. These tips will help you save your silk press and avoid heat damage. 


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