Beard Care: How to Maintain Your Beard

Janet Gilbert

Growing a beard is hard work in itself. Learning how to maintain your beard and keep it healthy is even more of a challenge. Most guys end up cutting their beard off for that very reason. But no more worries because I've got you covered! Here are a few tips that will help with the process of growing a healthy beard and maintaining it:

Wash Twice a Week

It is essential to keep your beard clean and hydrated. Washing your beard at least twice a week keeps it clean and free from build up. This is extremely important if you sweat a lot. Remember that a sulfate-free shampoo is the best option. Also, make sure you follow up with a conditioner after cleansing your beard. 

Use a Beard Oil

Using a beard oil or beard balm not only keeps your beard healthy, but it nourishes the skin underneath your beard. Keep in mind that a beard oil is used to stimulate growth and condition your beard. Beard balm should be used for styling and locking in moisture. 

Keep it Trimmed

Trim your beard to keep it well-groomed and healthy. Trimming allows you to get rid of patches or any split ends. I suggest trimming your beard every few weeks. 

Brush/Comb It

Be sure your are brushing or combing your beard to keep it smooth and free from tangles. It will also help spread the natural oils you produce throughout your beard.


I hope that this information will be valuable on your beard care journey. If you follow these tips consistently, I can assure you will begin to see a difference in your beard. Trust the process and remain patient. Don't forget to shop our beard products as well! #BeardLivesMatter

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