Ways to Keep Your Hair Moisturized

Janet Gilbert

The most beneficial key to healthy hair is moisture. It is important that we keep our hair moisturized because dry hair produces breakage. And breakage alters our hair growth. If you are having trouble with keeping your hair moisturized, check out these tips below:

LCO or LOC Method

The LCO or LOC Method is a technique for moisturizing hair:

Use a Sulfate-Free Shampoo
Try to avoid using products, especially shampoos, that strip the hair of its natural oils. Also, cleanse your hair when necessary. This may not be possible for everyone due to time, but try to wash and deep condition your hair weekly. Oiling your scalp during wash days may also help with dryness.

Make Sure to Correctly Seal in Moisture
This ties in with the LCO method. Never EVER use an oil alone to moisturize your hair. Water is the main key to moisturizing hair. An oil is used to seal in the moisture. Neither works alone, which is why using the LCO method is so beneficial. Don't forget to add your leave-in conditioner or cream into that mix.

Replenish Moisture
You may need to replenish moisture in between washes. Again, this varies for everyone. Which is why it is important to know your hair. 

Sleep in Satin
Cotton dries your hair out. A satin bonnet, scarf, or sleeping on a satin pillow case is better than sleeping on cotton. Also, never dry your hair with cotton towel. Air dry or use a t-shirt after washing.

Stay Consistent
I can not explain enough how important it is to have a hair regimen. This includes deep conditioning, trimming, moisturizing, co-washing, using little to no heat, and wearing a protective style at least once a month.  Experiment with different products and find out what works for you. Create a regimen and stick to it. 

I hope that these tips will work for you as they have worked for me over the years. Remember that consistency is the key! Feel free to share how you keep your hair moisturized in the comment section!




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